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Terminator Costumes

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The Terminator franchise spans over 30 years, and with 5 movies, a TV series, books, comics, and video games, you could say that it's made just a little bit of impact in pop culture. And whether you find yourself as an old school fanboy who's all about the action in the 1984 original or you find yourself into the series for the first time after seeing the action in 2015's Genisys, we've got the costumes that will let you become a top of the line T-800 Terminator.

With authentic Terminator costumes, masks, and accessories, we have the gear that will transform you into one of Skynet's famed cyborg robot assassins. With detailed costumes, latex masks and prosthetic appliance accessories, you'll have no trouble stepping into the shoes of the role played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pick out your costume look, and make sure your makeup is spot on with cybernetic prosthetics and effects. When your costume look is complete you'll only have to remember three words: "I'll be back."

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