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Hey you over there! Yes, you! Are you looking for the perfect comic book cosplay for your next comic-con? What about a super-cool superhero costume for Halloween? Nothing will scratch that itch quite like a Deadpool costume. They have Deadpool costumes for kids, adults and even the family dog, so it's really hard not to say no. (Actually, it's impossible!) Get your Deadpool suit right here and you, too, can break the 4th wall like a pro.
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Adult Deadpool Costume
Child Black Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Adult Deadpool Fabric Mask
Sale - 60%
Adult Ninja Accessory Kit
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Patent Faux Leather Thigh High Boots
Sale - 14%
Pastease Plus X Liquid Red Pasties
Clearance  - 70%
Adult Black Costume Gloves
Sale - 20%
Two Sword Ninja Set
Made By Us Exclusive
Toy Uzi 9mm Machine Gun

We recently got a message from some guy claiming to be involved with some Weapon X program. He wanted us to share it with you.

“HEY! Deadpool here. I’ve taken control of the internet and am contacting you from a super-secret location, or maybe not. I really don’t know, but I do have an ultra-secret mission for you. I’ve given it the code name Dress-Up-Like-Me-And-Mess-With-Superheroes. Pretty cool codename, huh? (It certainly beats Dress-Up-Like-Me-And-Mess-With-Household-Cleaning-Agents!) The first step to your mission is to get a Deadpool cosplay costume like mine. This page right here has a whole bunch of different ones to choose from, like classic Deadpool costumes for adults, Lady Deadpool costumes and some character hoodies. They’ve got what plants crave. They also have what you crave: me!”

Forever and Ever Yours,

Wade Wilson Monster