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Pokemon Adult Pikachu Classic Costume

Catching them all is a lot harder than it used to be. Before, you just had to head on over to Professor Oak's house, choose between a Charmander, a Squirtle or a Bulbasaur, and catch 149 other ones. Nowadays, there are over 800 of those guys, so catching them all seems like a lot harder of a goal. We've given up on our dreams of being the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time, but we're more than willing to help you and your kid achieve your dreams of getting all the badges and becoming the champion!

There are two things your kid is going to need if you plan on beating the Elite Four. The first thing you need is an outfit that lets everyone know that your kid means business, just like Ash Ketchum. The second thing you need is a Pokemon he can rely on. We're ready to supply you with both, so just think of us as your own personal Professor Oak! You can find Ash Ketchum costumes for kids here, along with Pikachu costumes for kids and adults, so you get your very first Pokemon. Just don't walk into your local gym expecting to win badges from trainers there!

And it doesn't stop there! Join your kids when you discover our Pokemon costumes for adults! You can instantly become a trainer for your little Pikachu. Or even decide to become Ryan Reynolds' incarnation of Pikachu when you match a deerstalker hat with one of our yellow jumpsuits to make your own Detective Pikachu costume. Joined on-screen by Justice Smith, who plays Tim Goodman, the two characters go on the search for Tim's missing dad. While on their journey, they accidentally uncover an evil plot that endangers the lives of Pokemon co-existing with humans.

Dressing up with your kids can always be fun! Wear one of our costumes, or get those creative juices flowing to create your own Pokemon. You could spend some top quality time this year in our Pokemon Halloween costumes.