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Incredible Hulk Costumes

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Stan Lee may have created the Hulk out of his fondness for Frankenstein, but we challenge you to try and portray the Hulk, not as a monster, but as a misunderstood if not a bad-tempered superhero. After all the Hulk has shown a capacity for doing good, even when in his enraged Hulk state.

The Hulk's story begins when scientist Bruce Banner had an experiment with some gamma rays go really wrong. His exposure to the intense power of these rays transformed him into the raging green creature we all know and love. The Hulk has the potential for limitless physical strength, depending on his level of anger. When he reverts to being Banner, he has intelligence that is so amazing it cannot be measured.

So there, now that you know what an amazing fella the Incredible Hulk is, we are sure you want to do him justice by portraying him in a dignified way. No? All right then. Put on your green Hulk costume and... HULK SMASH! Monster