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Robin Costumes

Yes, Robin generally gains his fame from being the sidekick to Batman. But if he were any other guy, his abilities and powers would earn him a solid reputation as a respectable superhero even without Batman's influence. Alas, he is destined to remain known as Boy Wonder. There could be worse things.

The role of Robin has belonged to many different people over the years, and thus there are many different Robin costumes available to choose from. Whether you prefer the red and black suit from the movie Batman and Robin, a modern look from the Young Justice series, or if you refuse to acknowledge anything other than the red, yellow and green uniform that he's most famous for you'll have no trouble finding the right look here.

You could wear your Robin suit along with a friend in a Batman costume. Many people do. Or, maybe this time you won't let Robin take second billing. Wear the costume proudly and show the world that sometimes sidekicks are more than the sum of their cliched role.