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Captain America Costumes

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It's time to harness your inner super solider! Our Captain America costumes include a wide variety of awesome outfits that will help you transform into Steve Rogers himself. We have styles for both adult and child fans of the iconic Marvel character, so you'll be ready to start sporting the stars and stripes of Captain America's suit in no time.
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Kids Captain America Puffer Jacket
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Adult Red Superhero Bootcovers
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Marvel Captain America Subtle Scarf
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Adult Red Superhero Gloves
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Child Red Superhero Gloves
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Child Red Superhero Bootcovers
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Marvel Captain America Winter Hat
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Captain America Rescue Shield
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Captain America Bandana
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Adult Red Hero Boots

Adult Red Hero Boots


You know how we're always being told that there is no magic pill or potion that will instantly give us perfect bodies? Well, apparently Steve Rogers didn't get that memo. This guy was given an experimental serum by the U.S. Government and next thing you know, he's a super soldier complete with a superhero persona we've come to know as Captain America. And if being enhanced to the peak of human perfection wasn't enough, he was given a virtually indestructible shield to both arm and protect himself. Some guys have all the luck.

While we cannot score you any of that special serum, we can make you over into a superhero resembling Captain America with our Captain America Halloween costumes. We've got the snazzy (or spangly according to Iron Man) super suits worn by the Captain in the Avengers films you've seen him in as well as looks that mimic his comic book outfits. And if you're looking at your physique and thinking that you don't quite have the same muscle profile as Captain America, fear not. We have Captain America muscle costumes too! Not quite a magic pill, but it's the next best thing.

Let's not forget the shield. Made from an experimental combination of steel and vibranium, this shield puts ordinary weapons to shame because it cannot be destroyed. Also, he looks cool carrying it and has a trademark ricocheting shield-toss that's always impressive. While we can't really help you with the shield-toss skills thing, we can help you get a Captain America costume shield. Whatever Captain America costume you choose, we've got the shield accessory to match.

Costume with muscles? Check. Super shield? Check. You should be all set! One last thing though. If you're the guy who just finished reading this and is now saying to himself, “Hey man, ain't no one got time to be a running around like a superhero. When is a guy supposed to relax?” then you should know that we hear you and we still want to help. A Captain America hoodie will look just as heroic as the uniform, but it will keep you comfortable. A comfortable superhero is still a superhero!