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Smurf Costumes

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What do you get when you cross a smurf with a cow? Blue cheese!  Being a Smurf for Halloween is a great idea because Smurfs are lovable, adorable, very blue, and everyone wants to give a Smurf a hug. Smurfs have made a comeback from the 80's into our main stream pop culture with the popularity of the recent computer animated movies, and you have to admit, the little blue guys look even cuter in 3-D!

Watching the Smurfs on the big screen run around  New York City is hysterical, heartwarming, and of course entertaining. Who could forget the Smurfs playing guitar hero with Neil Patrick Harris and singing to "Walk This Way?" In the latest movie, the emergence of 'The Naughties' really shake things up for Papa Smurf and the rest of Smurfville when they kidnap Smurfette and bring her all the way to Paris.

So now you can quit smurfin' around and bring your favorite blue cartoon character to life this Halloween with our Smurf costumes and accessories! We have Smurf costumes for the whole family including toddlers and even plus sizes. From Smurfette costumes to Papa Smurf costumes, we have something for everyone, but just be on the lookout for Gargamel when you're out there partying as a Smurf! 

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