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For most people over age 12, there's the real Karate Kid and then there's the movie that Will Smith's son pretended to be the Karate Kid. That's because the Karate Kid, after it's debut in the 1980s, managed to achieve a place in pop culture that elevated it past being just another martial arts movie, it became a new way of thinking and talking. “Wax on, wax off” and “Daniel-san” became part of our everyday lives. After years of that kind of hero-worship a reboot was going to be a risky move no matter what, even after getting the legendary Jackie Chan to play a starring role and show off his amazing kung fu moves.

As things stand, both movies have their place. After all, who knows how many of today's youth were inspired to watch the original movies thanks to the 2010 sparking an interest? And of course the originals need no defense having stood the test of time. Which ever movie was your favorite, we have a Karate Kid costume to make you feel apart of the action. Also, just in case you're one of the people who thought the real hero was the kid from the Cobra Kai dojo who unfairly lost the final match of the movie, we have costumes so that you can play the role of your hero Johnny Lawrence. “Sweep the leg.”