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We recently got a message from some guy claiming to be involved with some Weapon X program. He wanted us to share it with you.

“HEY! Deadpool here. I’ve taken control of the internet and am contacting you from a secret location, or maybe not. I really don’t know, but I do have an ultra-secret mission for you. I’ve given it the code name Dress-Up-Like-Me-And-Mess-With-Superheroes. Pretty cool codename, huh? (It certainly beats Dress-Up-Like-Me-And-Mess-With-Household-Cleaning-Agents!) The first step to your mission is to get a costume like mine. This page right here has a whole bunch of different ones to choose from, like classic Deadpool costumes for adults and some hoodies. They’ve got what plants crave. They also have what you crave: me!”

Forever and Ever Yours,

Wade Wilson