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There are so many different kinds of zombies out there. We're not just talking about different versions of movie zombies! If you're looking for a zombie costume, you can try your hand at a really rotted one or a particularly pretty one, too! Whether you're looking for a kid's zombie costume or zombie costumes for adults, you're bound to find an entire horde just waiting to head to your home. Take a look and find the zombie stuck in your braaains!
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Boy's Sheriff Costume
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Child Zombie Doctor Costume
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Kids Zombie Girl Costume
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Child's Hazardous Waste Costume
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Men's Sheriff Costume
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Boy Zombie Costume
Miss Dead Receptionist Costume
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Adult Ghost Pirate Hat
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Adult Black Combat Boots
Head in a Jar
Bleeding Zombie Bowl

If you're a fan of zombies, then you've probably thought about where you would be and what you would be doing if a zombie outbreak happened. All of us at have been there! If this is the case, then you probably know what you're looking for when it comes to picking out your zombie costume! 

Some of our favorite zombie costumes are the ones that have a little back story. For instance, a zombie doctor costume would make you seem like someone who was just trying to help when the outbreak first happened. Zombie nurses and doctors are featured in most zombie apocalypse movies, it's a classic costume that's easy to appreciate. 

Wait, are we just talking modern zombies here? Because there are many more styles to cover than that! It used to be that undead stories focused on zombies crawling out of their graves, mindlessly searching for flesh. If you want to dress up as the classic undead, choosing a zombie costume like the "Worm Wishes from the Grave" look is a great idea. Unlike some of the other zombie costumes in our selection, this costume shows a zombie in a late stage of disrepair. It's face is rotting away and worms are falling out. The clothes are tattered as if the zombie has spent the better part of a year under the ground. While this undead look is super scary for kids, it also avoids some of the gore popular in some of these zombie costumes!

Whether you decide to be an undead baseball player or a zombie prom queen, you still have some decision-making to do once you choose your zombie costume. For instance, in your world are the undead fast or slow? Are they smart enough to track prey down or will they get stuck in the same corner for eternity if lead the right way. These are important questions that zombie fans will have a lot of fun pondering. 

Secondly, do you want to go out alone or curate a zombie horde? There's nothing scarier on Halloween night than watching a group of undead saunter toward your house. The best part of putting together a zombie group costume is watching everyone pick out their own style. Maybe your friend wants to go the tragic route and dress as a zombie bride. The next friend might want to go the opposite route and dress as a zombie football player. The thing is, everyone can choose their own style and still hang out together. That's just the beauty of zombie costumes! 

The last part of putting together your perfect zombie costume is making sure the makeup is just right. This can be the part that's the most fun as well! Be sure and equip yourself with plenty of fake blood. Don't just do your face. Get it on your hands, your neck, even your clothes! A zombie takedown is a messy business so have fun with it. Think about how you became a zombie, and go ahead and put one of our prosthetic wounds or tattoo scratches at the infection point. However you do your makeup and whatever zombie costume you choose, go ahead and have fun with it. You only get to be one of the undead so many times in your life!