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Nicki Minaj Costumes

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Imagine walking onto the stage with thousands of adoring fans. With one word on the mic, you have them screaming. The first beat of the song, you have them dancing like it’s the last night of their life. Then you fly off in a starship and fight bad music in outer space. Nicki Minaj doesn’t have to imagine that, because she lives it.

Okay, so maybe we made that starship part up, but with Nicki Minaj, we wouldn’t be too surprised if it was true and you can pretend that you live the life of a stellar hip hop star when you slip into one of our Nicki Minaj costumes. From the leopard print costumes to the bubble gum color hair, we’ve got everything you need to own the stage with your own rendition of “Super Bass”, aside from the attitude (you have to supply that yourself).