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Everything is awesome when you wear a LEGO costume for Halloween. The foam-backed brick character tunics are soft and comfortable. (Much more so than a cardboard box!) We also have a variety of costumes and molded masks of some of your favorite LEGO characters like Lucy, Emmett, Batman, Joker and Robin.
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Lego Movie 2 Womens Lucy Classic Costume
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Lego Movie 2 Girls Sweet Mayhem Deluxe Costume
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Adult LEGO Blue Brick Costume
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Boys Lego Batman Movie Batman Costume
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LEGO Movie 2 Girl's Lucy Classic Costume
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LEGO Adult Hands
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LEGO Adult Hands

Child Ninja Accessory Kit
Made By Us Exclusive
Two Sword Ninja Set
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Adult Ninja Accessory Kit
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Child Red Ninja Master Costume
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Child Lego Face Change Mask
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We're sure we don't need to tell you that LEGOs are the best toys ever made. From epic pirate battles on the high seas to giant cityscapes, to knight castles—there's really no limit to what you can build with them. Recently, LEGO has branched out into the wonderful world of cartoons (with astounding success we might add). Ninjago, Chima and Nexo Knights take the world of LEGO and turn it into a compelling visual experience by making it a television show. These costumes? Well, they sort of take experience into the real world by transforming your child into one of their favorite LEGO characters from the show. 

Of course you can't forget about The LEGO Batman Movie where DC superheroes and villains became transformed into the LEGO men and women we all love! We now offer a LEGO Batman costume along with his sidekicks and the outlaws trying to cause havoc in Gotham City.

Let's also not forget that Emmet became the LEGO hero that we needed in The LEGO Movie, and Emmett and Lucy save the LEGO universe again in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Everything is awesome if you find your favorite LEGO Movie costumes for Halloween!

We carry a large selection of costumes and accessories based on your kid's favorite LEGO shows. With styles based on all of the Ninjago characters, as well as the Nexo Knights and the animals of Chima, and even as Batman and Joker! Whichever LEGO cartoon is your child's favorite, we'll make sure they're able to dress up as their favorite LEGO character for Halloween. Of course, you can't let them have all the fun by themselves. We even have adult LEGO costumes for you! It can become a whole family affair!