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Gangster Costumes

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Chicago in the 1920’s. Al Capone and Dion O’Banion battled for gang supremacy, John Dillinger was in jail, plotting his return to crime as a bank robber and bootlegging was the best way to make some cash during the hard times of the depression.  A lot may have changed since then, but the image of tough, Tommy gun wielding gangsters, still evokes a sort of romanticism about crime that your local law enforcement agencies probably don’t appreciate too much.

We’re not trying to convince you to lead a life of crime, following in the footsteps of Capone or Dillinger, but acting like a gangster for a night is the best way to get in touch with your bad self. And for those dangerous gangsters, being an outlaw was just as much about style as it was about ruthless competition with the law. Anything less than a snazzy suit and tie was doing the organized crime an injustice.  That’s exactly the reason why all of our gangster costumes come with a dapper look that you can wear to the speakeasy, or to the next bank robbery (again, not that we condone any sort of unlawful behavior while wearing any of these outfits)!

You can find sizes for any wannabe criminal here. Whether you need a kid sized costume for your little bank robber in training, an adult size outfit for the full grown mob boss or something with a sexy spin on it for the aspiring bad girl bootlegger. We can even set you up with a toy Tommy gun for heists. Just remember, if the coppers ever catch you, you didn’t get nothing from us!