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Adult Pirate Costumes

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Who hasn't, at least once, dreamt of leaving it all behind for the carefree, romantic life of a pirate? You can be your own boss. You get to travel to exotic, tropical locales. You get to wear really cool outfits. And there's a treasure to be found!

Of course, there is risk involved. There's fighting, and if you get caught you could get hanged. Or made to walk the plank. There are sea monsters and storms. You could get marooned on a desert island.

But if you're comfortable with the occupational hazards, there are compensations. There's grog and rum. There are swashbucklers and wenches. And if you're careful, you can accumulate wealth and retire in comfort.

Even if you don't really want to start a new life, our Adult Pirate Costumes can let you pretend to, at least for a while. We have styles for men and for women, in sizes from X-small to plus. And we have accessories to complete any look--hats, boots, toy weapons, wigs, treasure chests. So choose your occasion and your look, and take an imaginary pirate cruise!