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Girls' Costumes

Girls' Costumes

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Okay, you've picked a good vampire costume. Now turn it into a great one with accessories! No matter what character or era you want to portray, we can help you make it real. First, get the hair--we have wigs for women, for men, and for kids in several different styles. Then get the fangs. And one of our easy-to-use vampire makeup kits. The rest of the accessories you choose will depend on your character.  

For a historic vampire character, you'll want a few classy, aristocratic touches. A medallion, a cane, some Gothic-style jewelry. If the costume you've chosen doesn't come with one, you'll want to add a cape. It's vital to being able to quickly disappear after biting your victims. Oh, and fake blood. You are a vampire, after all!  

A "newborn" vampire has red eyes and a healing wound. If your vampire character is "new", you'll want red contact lenses for the red-eye look, and a prosthetic bite wound on your neck. You may also have a deeper urge for blood than an older vampire.  

Modern vampires may want to blend in, especially if they're partying with humans. In that case, you might want a wig that makes you look like a certain movie heartthrob. 

The rest is up to you--act the part and charm your "victims" into doing your will! If you're an old vampire, adopt customs and manners from the time and place of your vampire birth. A new vampire can go a bit wild--you haven't learned to control your impulses yet. Your great look will give you a good start, but if you throw yourself into the role you'll have even more fun!