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South Park Costumes

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If you are a true South Park fan, you would remember the time Kyle and the gang convinced Cartman that he died and Butters was the only one that could see his ghost or when Cartman tricked Scott Tenorman into eating his dead parents when he fed him the unspeakable chili. Also, who could forget the "trapped in the closet" episode? Definitely not the scientologists! Bottom line, South Park is always creating controversy whether it be with its perverse plots or offensive, yet relevant and enticing, storylines which deal with current issues in a satirical fashion.

The creators, Parker and Stone, must be doing something right since they have been on Comedy Central for over 15 years! So why not take a cue from your favorite fourth graders and get a Halloween costume that's both controversial and funny!  You can choose from Stan, Cartman, Kenny and Kyle costumes or get them all to create a funny South Park group costume! We also carry licensed masks of these hilarious characters! With these funny costumes your friends are sure to respect your 'authori-tah!'

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