Princess Leia Costumes

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Princess Leia was only 19 when we meet her in Star Wars: A New Hope, which is surprising because she already carried herself with the poise and determination of a much more experienced individual. Her brash demeanor, bravery and style made her a beloved character to all Star Wars fans.

Leia Organa had grew up as the adopted daughter of Bail Organa, Senator and patriarch of the Organa house, one of most noble ancient houses of the galaxy. Her admission into this family granted her nobility as a Princess, and while her life was fraught with privilege, the young Leia strived to find her place in the galaxy and secretly became one of the key figures of the rebellion. All of this happened without Leia knowing her secret roots as daughter of Darth Vader!

Her role in recovering the plans to the Death Star set in motion an unforgettable chain of events which came to fruition in the Star Wars original trilogy saga. If you have a convention to go to (or perhaps are trying to get out of jury duty) we have the collection of Princess Leia costumes for you!

We've got her iconic dress from A New Hope available for everyone from adults to infants. There is even a dog version! And if you're going to an adults-only party, you can definitely go in the iconic slave costume that scintillated the male fan base after her appearance in Return of the Jedi. Whatever your inclination, just don't forget to wear her signature bun wig. You'll be instantly recognizable!