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These days, there are no shortage of fictional superheroes for kids to be entertained by. It's conceivable that even if your young hero in training has heard of Superman, that their interest in him has been rendered non-existent because of all the newer, flashier characters that have come onto the scene since Superman. But we challenge you to find a more resilient superhero than the Man of Steel. Having survived the complete destruction of his home planet, successfully blended into life on Earth and making the noble decision to use his super powers to benefit mankind, he is an example of a truly super guy. If that doesn't make him a great role model for the kids, we don't know what does.


When your child wears a Superman costume, he is carrying forward the legacy of generations of superhero fans. The iconic blue suit with the giant 'S' logo on the chest is instantly recognized by all, even if not everyone has heard the story of Superman. New superheroes will come and go, but Superman will still be there, making the world a better place.