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Grease Costumes

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Did you used to watch Grease as a kid and dream of having your own grease lightning someday or did you want to join the Pink Ladies so you too could be the coolest girl at Rydell High? Or maybe you just memorized every song and loved to belt them out anywhere you went. Trust us, we get it. You're in a safe place here... our Grease costumes come right out of the classic film and we can't get enough, either! We have mens and womens styles and sized from a Danny wig so you can get John Travolta's suave hair, and of course the T-Bird jacket, as well as both Good and Bad Sandy so you don't even have to choose which side you're on. Whether you're putting on a stage musical revival or heading out for Halloween in a group theme, our Grease costumes are a fantastic option for fans of the timeless film. You might even say these costumes put the "bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop" in your Halloween. Search through our selection of Grease outfits for the best costumes of Halloween.