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Betty Rubble Costumes

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You can be Barney Rubble's sweet and devoted wife as Wilma Flintstone's best friend in one of our Betty Rubble costumes. While depicted in the show as having to continually work with Wilma to bail their husbands out of their latest scheme (usually thought up by Fred) there are some fun benefits to being this cute character. For example, Betty loves to go shopping and ends up meeting lots of celebrities such as Stony Curtis and Cary Granite. She when not at home cleaning up with her baby mammoth vacuum cleaner and taking care of her son Bamm Bamm, she is often out volunteering her time in Bedrock.

Betty was one of the least developed characters on the show and only had one episode where the story was centered on her. Because of her ambiguous nature, you can add your own personality to this fun character the next time you get dressed for a costume party!