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Arrow Costumes

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The original Green Arrow had a dapper look with a pointy beard and an equally pointy hat. Now updated for the 21st century, the television series, Arrow, updates the character giving us one of the best shows on the air with one of the most compelling superheroes ever portrayed! That sounds like lofty praise, but Arrow fans know it to be true... He's shot an arrow through our hearts (just a metaphor!) and we dare say we're smitten. If you've always wanted to be your own superehro, look no further than our Arrow costumes and accessories. No need to be an archer, or have sonic screaming voal cords and we definitely recommend you don't engage in any kind of vigilante justice. While it would be amazing to go running across the rooftops of your town wearing one of these costumes, we recommend you just go to a party, or possibly, to Comic-Con, looking quite incredible as you do so in these costumes!