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All right, folks, let's admit it... Our minds are in the gutter and we're okay with it! Halloween night at the bar is just a little bit more fun than trick-or-treating. What better way to make some new friends than with one of our hilarious adult humor costumes? With these costumes everyone will know what your post-party intentions are... To be the star of the everyone's Facebook news feed!


We have couples costumes, cross-dressing costumes, and risqué versions of pirates and medieval knights. They suggest themes of sex, drugs and alcohol. They run the gamut from blatantly offensive to subtle double entendres.  You probably wouldn't show them to your grandmother unless you wanted to offend her. (Or unless HER sense of humor goes that way, too!)


Some things are only funny in a college frat house or a men's locker room. If that's where your sense of humor goes and you don't care whom you offend, these costumes are for you. It's not like you're going to wear them to work or to church, right? 


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