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Imagine your child galloping to the next house on Halloween. Or rocketing into space at playtime. Dancing along to their favorite movie in the outfit they put on themselves. And feeling comfortable in their super suit all day. With our selection of inclusive Halloween costumes and universal wheelchair costumes, it’s possible! Shop with us and discover Halloween costumes for wheelchair users and adaptive costumes for everyone!
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Spaceship Wagon Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Batman Adaptive Costume
Sale - 33%
Jurassic World T-Rex Adaptive Costume
Sale - 25%
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume
Sale - 42%
Paw Patrol Chase Adapative Costume
Sale - 42%
Child Adaptive SpiderMan Costume
Sale - 42%
Kids Adaptive Wonder Woman Costume
Sale - 40%
PJ Masks Catboy Adaptive Costume
Sale - 42%
Child Adaptive Superman
Sale - 38%
Child Adaptive Back Panther Costume
Sale - 42%
Child Adaptive Darth Vader Costume
Sale - 25%
Incredibles Dash Adaptive Costume
Sale - 33%
Child Mickey Mouse Adaptive Costume
Sale - 22%
Frozen Elsa Adaptive Costume
Sale - 25%
Cinderella Adaptive Costume
Clearance  - 58%
Army Tank Wagon Cover
Sale - 40%
SWAT Wagon Cover
Sale - 50%
Castle Wagon Cover
Sale - 17%
Child Adaptive Darth Vader Wheelchair Accessory UPD
Clearance  - 46%
Circus Cage Wagon Cover
Coming Soon
Pirate Ship Wagon Cover
Coming Soon

The itch of seams on sensitive skin can be irritating to anyone. Metal snaps aren’t always easy for little fingers to secure. Fitting an arm cast into sleeves is a master feat. Having access to medical devices while dressed to the nines is beyond important. And feeling included in the world around you is something everyone deserves. This is why universal Halloween costume options exist.

Whether you or a loved one is of differing ability or your rambunctious toddler took a tumble that ended with a walking cast, our selection of adaptive costumes is here to help ensure everyone has access to a comfortable outfit. You’ll find a growing collection of options suited for children and adults. Read on to learn what our selection can offer you.

Inclusive clothing is intended to make getting dressed and feeling comfortable in those clothes easier for everyone. Hook and loop fastening strips close without fuss and look similar to standard zippers on a garment. That can make them ideal for children learning to dress themselves as well as caregivers assisting in the process. Prefer zippers still? Look for options that feature larger pull tabs that make zipping up easy to manage.

You’ll see some of the jumpsuits in our collection are exclusively fastened with hook and loop closures. Along leg seams, arms, and back, making them easy for kids to put on and adults to help with. Dash is ready to race through the neighborhood in less time than ever with this style of super suit. And, with their easy to open and close construction, this style of costume may be the perfect option for individuals using wheelchairs or anyone that may need extra room in their pant legs or sleeves for medical equipment.

Concerned about sensory sensitivities? These universal costume options keep those needs in mind with softer fabric, fewer interior seams, and linings when necessary. These thoughtful additions, and in some respects, subtractions, offer plenty of benefits. Queen Poppy can take to the stage for another rousing sing-along in our available Trolls costume that combines hook and loop fasteners, closures located in the front, and low irritation seaming. When your toddler steps out of their room dressed comfortably as their favorite character and having done it all on their own, you know everyone’s in for a great time!

Want your wheelchair to match your Halloween look? Pick from our wheelchair costumes! Cinderella can ride up to the ball in their very own carriage. Batman can be equipped for quick rides through Gotham city in the Batmobile. Even Queen Elsa can ride in style with a bit of help from their water spirit pal, Nokk.

Not finding the look you or your kiddo has been dreaming of? We’re always working on expanding our selection. So, check back with us often to discover the costumes and accessories that suit your wants and needs! Monster