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Special Effects Makeup & Prosthetics

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Special effect makeup is just what you need to level up your next horror costume. Browse through this selection to make you look like you just slinked out of a movie. Looking for a 3D look? Check out the prosthetics for a look that really pops. Makeup kits let you paint your face in the old way with special pencils and brushes with touches to make your face extra unique. Whatever character you are, make it extra special with special effects!
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Gory Zombie Makeup Kit
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In the mid-1920s, the actor Lon Chaney pioneered use of special effects makeup to make the most of filming and makeup. That started everything. Suddenly a group of talented makeup brush experts in film could make a zombie-like makeup as a natural passion. Soon special effects makeup for film and television made everything seem so real. Our special effects makeup is part of the varied accessories you can use to explore special effects makeup in your own home. Check out our tutorials on fifteen different monster makeups and more to learn about applying makeup.  

If you're serious about special effects makeup, you can look at the variety of products we have to help you dive into the art of makeup on your friends and family. The world of special effects makeup at home is great whether you’re new to special effects makeup or already know about the world of special effects makeup as a fun hobby or career. Our products can help elevate your game.  

Choose makeup of any color and plan your special effects makeup for your costume. If you’re a fan of the animated special or superhero movie, you can use our special effects makeup transformation tutorials to bring your costume to life. Faux scars and zombie prosthetics combine to make anything from airbrush makeup to compelling horror characters.  

If you need special inspiration for your makeup, look to your favorite films. You can put together the makeup of an orc from Lord of the Rings or use makeup with bald caps to create a fascinated Fester. Makeup from things we haven’t even seen are the best because it lets you become your own special effects makeup artist with ease! With makeup, whiten your face to become a ghost or create a terrifying makeup from a cheek gash prosthetic makeup. If you have a special love for makeup, you might have questions about special effects makeup. Fear not because we have a guide to special effects makeup with our products, all designed to save time on makeup with other mechanical effects.  

With our special effects makeup, prosthetics, and props, you have everything you need. Find your favorite special effects makeup and latex prosthetics on