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Sexy Padme Amdiala Costumes

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Padme Amidala did not have to rely on her sex appeal to get business done. After serving as Queen of Naboo, she served her homeworld as Senator in the Galactic Senate. Her work kept her busy and she rarely got a chance to let her hair down, which did not give her much of an opportunity for a love life! A young Anakin Skywalker fostered a crush on her even though they went almost a decade without seeing each other. 
The events of Star Wars: The Clone Wars led to the pair falling deeply in love, and while Padme still favored conservative looks, she was looking pretty hot in her famous white jumpsuit when they depart on their adventure. In the famous scene on Geonosis her battle with the Nexu left her jumpsuit tattered. You can employ either version of that famous jumpsuit if you want to portray the sexy side of the Star Wars character. You'll fit in perfectly at your next Star Wars party or convention!