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Qui Gon Jinn Costumes

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Qui Gon Jinn is a venerable Jedi master and played an important role in Galactic events in the Star Wars Universe. When we meet him in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace he has been assigned to handle the crisis in Naboo, as the trade federation has started a blockade in response to new Senate taxation. He is accompanied by his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the events that happen go on to set the stage for the entire Star Wars saga. 

By the time of the events of the movie transpire, Qui-Gon is no stranger to tough assignments. He was often adversarial to the Jedi Council and did not always agree with his Jedi peers. As such he was branded as a rebel and often drew tough assignments. While he spent most of his career without an apprentice, chance adventures with Obi-Wan led Qui-Gon to finally take him as his Padawan Learner. 

While he sometimes drew the ire of his peers, it was not for a lack of respect. He had a finely tuned sense of the Life Force, which gave him compassion for all forms of life. He was also one of the most accomplished swordsman of lightsaber battle, being the only master other than Yoda who could hold his own sparring against Mace Windu. 

While his screen time was limited to one movie, you can honor the memory of the legendary Jedi with one of our great costumes. With our costumes you'll be able to take up the role at your next Star Wars party or convention. It's available in adult and child sizes and truly is strong with the Force!

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