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What's not to love about a Halloween costume that involves food? They're family-friendly, easy to wear, and they run the gamut from cute to silly. Food costumes for adults and kids also make great family costumes. Wear a bunch of your favorite candy costumes to represent your favorite part about Halloween! Dress like the fruit of the Loom gang or pair your favorite foods together like cookies and milk or peanut butter and jelly costumes.
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Girls Pink Cupcake Toddler Costume
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Toddler Confetti Cupcake Costume
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Kid's Cupcake Confetti Costume-1
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Toddler Cupcake Costume
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MMMMM... food. The staff here at could go on and on about our favorite topic. Some of us are foodies who strive to satisfy the palate in bold new ways. Others are bakers extraordinaire who spend the entire weekend engaging in cupcake wars. And there's a large contingent of us who are happy enough with pizza or a cheeseburger. And of course, there is one food item that rules them all... BACON! When it came time to assemble our collection of food and drink inspired costumes, we didn't have to search far for inspiration!

We have a large collection of food-inspired polyfoam tunic costumes, which make for a super easy, super funny costume. You can finally spend the night as your favorite treat! We've also got candy, cupcakes, ice cream, condiments, fruit, vegetables, your favorite brand mascots, the list goes on and on... These costumes go great by themselves but are even better when you round up a group and have a food-inspired party! From bread costumes to avocado costumes, we have it all! The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination, and of course your appetite. You might want to have a snack handy when browsing our food costumes because a few hunger pangs are sure to follow! Monster