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Pre Vizsla Costumes

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In the Clone Wars animated series, one of the important storylines takes place in the Mandalore system. The Mandalorian Death Watch is intent on overthrowing Duchess Satine Kryze's New Mandalorian Goverment. The Duchess's efforts to establish a more pacifistic course for their planet isn't sitting so well with the Death Watch, and their feared leader, Pre Vizla.

They are going to go on have some epic battles, and of course Republic entaglement as the Death Watch ultimately have to deal with the Jedi(and the Sith...) Become the leader of the Death Watch faction with our Pre Vizsla costumes. We have Pre Vizsla costumes for adults and kids in deluxe and standard versions. And remember to pick up some of his accessories, his famed Darksaber will be necessary in battle, and no Mandalorian would want to be caught without his jetpack!

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