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Kick-Ass Costumes

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Are you a person who like to root for the underdog? The movie Kick-Ass explores what happens when teenage Dave Lizewski decides to become a real-life superhero. Since ordinary people do not have superpowers, Dave quickly finds out that simply wanting to stop criminals is not enough to actually stop them and suffers severe injuries from being beaten by thugs in a confrontation.

Surprisingly this does not deter him. When a video of him trying to intervene in a crime goes viral, his superhero alter ego 'Kick-Ass' becomes famous. Thanks to this fame he gains some allies, Big Daddy and Hit Girl, but also gains some enemies. So if you're thinking the whole vigilante thing might be for you, just remember it can have unintended consequences.

Our Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl costumes are perfect for creating you own crime fighting duo. And if you need a villain to battle we also carry a Red Mist costume. You and your friends can have hours of fun pretending to bring justice to the world, all the while looking awesome dressed as superheroes.

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