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Intensive Care Temporary Tattoo Kit

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Intensive Care Temporary Tattoo Kit
Intensive Care Temporary Tattoo Kit
Intensive Care Temporary Tattoo Kit alt1
Product Information

Items Included
  • Tattoo Kit
  • Various styles of temporary tattoos (17 total)
When you see an action star get the crap beaten out of them in a movie, you may notice how tough and cool they look all cut up and bloody! This isn't an accident, since people pay to go see hot movie stars get chased by serial killers and get into shootouts with gangsters, and not to watch them get blasted into a gross mess.

There are actually many possible ways to get the same look as they have in the movies. But, if you don't have a team of Hollywood makeup artists to help you, you'll probably want to use one of these Intensive Care Temporary Tattoo Kits. This will give you a battered and cut-up look, like you've just survived a car crash, or went toe to toe with some henchmen and barely got away in one piece! It'll be a lot easier than giving someone twenty bucks to rough you up for your costume, and a lot less painful...

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