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Elizabeth Swann Costumes

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How does a well-bred governor's daughter become the Pirate King of the South Seas? Just ask Elizabeth Swann.  Our Elizabeth Swann costumes let you become this charming, intelligent and resourceful woman.


She's the daughter of the Governor of Port Royal, Jamaica, born and raised to become a lady. But she falls in love with the orphaned blacksmith's apprentice, Will Turner, and follows him to World's End. She becomes a pirate herself, and is even named the Pirate King of the South Seas. But through it all, she retains her refined manners and politeness.


If you relate to Elizabeth's story, become her in one of our licensed Elizabeth Swann costumes for women or girls. Add accessories--Elizabeth was an accomplished sword fighter. And bring your own courage and spunk. You'll need it, going up against the likes of Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa and Davy Jones. And to wait 10 years, raising your son alone, for Will Turner to return from the Flying Dutchman. You know he'll return. After all, you have the Dead Man's Chest that contains his beating heart.