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Elf Princess Kit

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Elf Princess Kit
Elf Princess Kit
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Headpiece
  • Ears
  • Both pieces made of molded latex
  • Headpiece fits with Hook and Loop fastener strap
  • Decorative gold look
  • Pointed ears fit around your ears

The life of an elf princess is pretty great. If you were an elf princess you'd get to live in an ancient yet well-built castle overlooking waterfalls and similarly ancient forests. In the Elvin world, most things are ancient, because elves tend to keep living and living. Not only do they have immortality, they can have all sorts of powers, like the ability to dream the future and control light. There are plenty of reasons to be jealous of the elves. They are great at riding horses, shooting bows, and connecting with nature. They also happen to be gorgeous.

If you are going as an Elvin princess this year, this elf princess set is a must have. The ears tell the world, "Yeah, I'm a princess but I'm not some weak human royal". The golden crown is interwoven by the finest Elvin metalsmiths. Paired with graceful Elvin robes and you'll easily pick up the elusive glamor of the Elvin race. Prepare to rule like no human can. Immortality is not included in this set, we're still working on it.

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