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Assassin's Creed Altair Mens Costume

Assassin's Creed Altair Mens Costume
Assassin's Creed Altair Mens Costume
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When we first heard the creed of the assassins, we had some understandable cringing.  We thought, "Wait; are we the bad guys!?"  This whole "everything is permitted" stuff just makes them sound like they're out to spread chaos and take whatever they like!  What makes them any different from the baddies? 

Well, then we took a breath.  You can, too.  Deep breath in!  And, a nice breath out.  Okay, so here's the rub.  "Nothing is true" just means that the nasty Templars are working pretty darned hard to make society look nice and ordered.  But, it's all a lie.  That nice and structured civilization we live in makes us feel cozy so the Templars maintain control.  And "Everything is permitted" just means that a little thing like a law doesn't stop folks from doing terrible things.  It's up to us, as individuals, to realize that we're responsible for living good lives and building our own future.  


Now that we all understand the secret of the Creed, you're probably ready to join the ranks and tear down the false so-called leaders.  A great start is with the cowl of Assassin's Creed.  And, where better to go for that than with the guy who started it all?  This Altair Costume gives you the feeling of pride and a hint of responsibility thanks to the iconic white, black, and red tunic of the first Assassin of the new order.  Don the eagle peaked cowl and strap on your hidden blade and you'll be ready to put us on the right path of destiny! 


We all want to be the savior of our people... or at least be able to run up the side of buildings and feel like we're soaring through the skies.  Well, we might not actually be able to survive a leap of faith, but we can certainly look like it's hardly a concern with the right Assassin's Creed look! 

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